About Belén

DipNT, DipBCST, DipKinesiology, NTOI, IACST

I became interested in natural approaches to health and wellbeing with the birth of my first child, 18 years ago. A baby brings the opportunity to reconnect with the basics. I took a career break (from 11 years of advisory work in the EU) and never looked back. I initially trained in kinesiology and craniosacral therapy and swiftly saw the benefits that these body-based therapies brought beyond the pure physicality. People were getting not healthier but also more resilient to stress. This fed my hunger to know more about the connections between our bodies and mind,

Nutritional therapy is a strong complement to body-based therapies. After all, what we eat and drink and the state of our microbiota are fundamental to overall health.

Today, I practice a personalised approach to health and wellbeing that looks at root causes and not just symptoms. It is one of the main postulates of Functional Medicine, which I fully abide on. The second postulate is to consider every aspect of a person’s health, diet, stress, environment and lifestyle.

The way back to health is unique to each person and I am here with all my resources to support you on your journey.



I have taken undergraduate and postgraduate training in different aspects of biochemistry, gut function, microbiome, nutritional science, craniosacral therapy, bodywork and other bodymind disciplines.

I hold diplomas in Nutritional therapy, Craniosacral therapy and Kinesiology, three established complementary therapies (that is a total of 7 years of studies). I have also recently completed a certification to from the institute of Functional Medicine (AFMCP) and I am currently undertaking a MSc in Personalised Nutrition from CNELM/Middlesex University.

Outside my clinic work, I run healthy cooking classes and annual women yoga and nutrition retreats. I have also put together an e-book of Plant-based recipes for the family which can be downloaded for free from this website.

Qualifications and Professional memberships

  • Institute for Functional Medicine, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP UK), London 2018
  • Nutritional Therapy Diploma, Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London 2018
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Diploma, Body Intelligence Training, Dublin, 2013
  • Systematic Kinesiology Diploma, The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology, Dublin, 2011
  • Member of NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland)
  • Member of IACST (Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapy)
  • Fully insured for professional liability with Balens Ltd
  • Garda vetted (according to the Irish children & vulnerable persons Acts 2012&2016)

Post-grad training, CPD recognised

The complementary therapy world is constantly evolving. I keep abreast by attending seminars, conferences and workshops in the areas of functional nutrition, microbiome, gastrointestinal disorders, craniosacral therapy and pre and perinatal psychology. Membership to IASCT and NTOI requires CPD and it is not possible for me to list all courses, workshops and webinars I attend. Below is a selection of my most current or ongoing


Post-graduate training in Nutrition:

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP), Oct 2018
  • Restoring Gastrointestinal health, May 2019
  • Ongoing, Masters of Science (MSc) in Personalised Nutrition, September 2019-2022

Post-graduate training in Craniosacral therapy:

  • Ongoing, Baby Integrative therapy training, October 2019-July 2022
  • Multivagal safety system, mini-course, Michael Shea, Jan2021

Irish Life Health now recognises Nutritional Therapy Consultations with NTOI members as part of selected health plans.

Plnat-based family recipes ebook, belencomplementaryhealth

Make simple, healthy meals for your family!

My compilation of 36 delicious and nutritious plant-based recipes will have your family asking for a second helping!

These plant-based meals are packed full of nutrition with simple ingredients and are easy to prepare, even with a busy schedule! 

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