Menopause: what can I do naturally?

Did you know that menopause can last up to 10 years? Sadly, its importance and manifestations have been under-rated and overlooked except for some intriguing events called ‘hot flushes’. But menopause is about much more than that. Meno...PAUSE as I see it: It is a natural TRANSITION from the dynamic...
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Introduction Mum and baby bonding starts from conception. Bonding is a non-physical special connection between mother and child. It influences the child’s physical and emotional development as well as the mother’s wellbeing during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. It facilitates physical processes like for example, the mother’s let down when it...
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5 tips to keep colds and the flu away

Coming down with a cold? 5 tips to keep colds&flu at bay At the first sign of coming down with a cold or flu don't despair, just get yourself ready to: OXYGENATE Fresh air is needed to fight infections. So wrap up and go out for a walk in nature....
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HEALTHY TWIST TO YOUR FAVOURITE MEALS you don’t need to go vegan or raw to enjoy healthy meals. Just by changing a few ingredients and making the right combinations you can give your meals a healthy boost. STEP 1. Healthy condiments. replace salt with seaweed salt (see recipe below). A...
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Plnat-based family recipes ebook, belencomplementaryhealth

Make simple, healthy meals for your family!

My compilation of 36 delicious and nutritious plant-based recipes will have your family asking for a second helping!

These plant-based meals are packed full of nutrition with simple ingredients and are easy to prepare, even with a busy schedule! 

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