Best Gut Health noodles

Best gut health noodles Best gut health stock What makes this Best Gut Health noodles so exceptional is a rich vegetarian broth. Broths are best for gut health. They are rich in collagen-boosting nutrients, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals that are known to help repair and maintain the gut lining. Vegetarian...
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How to make kids eat more veggies

Salad making Making salad can be a simple, first step to get kids involved with vegetables. Get them to cut, clean and chop a variety of salad leaves. Think of other greens like cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, courgettes, spinach, mushrooms, avocados or beetroot. Throw in some chopped fruits, nuts and seeds...
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Better gut health quiche

Better gut health quiche A tasty recipe made with gut-nourishing ingredients and plenty of fibre. Full of colour and flavour. Scroll down to watch me cooking this healthy 'better gut health' twist to a popular dish. For the quiche2 medium sweet potatoes (diced)2 leeks (chopped)1 punnet chestnut mushrooms (chopped)1 pack...
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Gut-loving delicious chickpea meal

Gut-loving delicious chickpeas A plant-based recipe that pleases all family members while boosting their gut health. A dish that boosts your daily fibre, protein and nutrients while remaining low fat. Chickpeas have an impressive nutritional profile and this recipe uses various condiments to add flavour and tastiness. 500 g dried...
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Festive and gut-friendly loaf

Festive and healthy loaf Festive and gut-friendly nut loaf A festive and tasty dish with plenty of gut-friendly ingredients, i.e. 6 vegetables, nuts and herbs. No compromise in taste but respectful with your gut. Enjoy! egg (lightly beaten)300 g butternut or pumpkin (boiled)150 g carrots (boiled)1 brown onion (chopped finely)3...
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Autumn pumpkin timbale, Brazil nuts risotto

gut-friendly recipe Autumn pumpkin timbale and Brazil nuts risotto This Winter pumpkin timbale represents an optimal use of seasonal produce and nutritional value. It will closely fulfil your daily fibre requirements while providing you with great values of gut-soothing and immune-booting vitamin A and selenium. 1 Kabocha or Japanese Winter...
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Easy gut-loving vegetable crumble

Easy 6 vegetable gut-loving vegetable crumble A simple and delicious 6 vegetable pie with feta and bulgur crumble that will fill your belly and feed your healthy microbes. Packed with nutrients and fibres, it contains a balanced combination of all macronutrients which makes it a complete meal. The bulgur and...
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Quinoa and black rice with shiitake mushrooms and prebiotic-rich veg

Quinoa and black rice with shiitake and prebiotic-rich veg The combination of quinoa and black rice (two wholegrains) with shiitake provides satisfying levels of protein for a plant-based meal. Shiitake mushrooms have a pleasant meaty texture and are nutritional bomb. They contain a substance, beta-glucans that help reduce inflammation and...
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Stir-fry vegetables for gut health

Prebiotic-rich stir fry Stir-fries are a quick and delicious way to increase your vegetable intake while feeding your gut microbes. In addition, they are versatile (eg vegetables can be changed through the seasons and according to taste) and a fun way to 'get the family eating veggies'. Plant-foods provide different...
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Veg tray meal for gut health

6 vegetable tray recipe Colourful and tasty meal that feeds a family and fuels the gut flora. Nutritionally-balanced and super-easy to make. A healthy family recipe! 1 kg new potato2 cans cannellinni beans2 courgettes2 red peppers4 yellow peppers1 punnet cherry tomatoes1 leek1 bag salad leaves2 tsp ground cumin2 tsp sweet...
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