Personalised services tailored to your needs

Gut health and beyond

You health has deteriorated and you want to ‘get back to normal’. The gut is a fundamental piece of overall health. Hence, the focus is on restoring and optimising gut function which can have a powerful knock-on effect on hormones, vitality and mood.

Most popular with people looking to optimise:

  • Gastro-intestinal health - enjoy food again, symptom-free.
  • Hormonal health – support through transitions, i.e. fertility, pregnancy, menopause.
  • Stress & vitality – go back to an active, positive, contented life.

Support give through a combination of personalised nutrition assessment and advice, normalising the stress response through craniosacral therapy as well as coaching to help you achieve long lasting results.

Check out my Optimum Health Gut Embrace plan for more detail.

Healthy, happy babies and mums

Babies, toddlers and women during pregnancy and postpartum.

Distressed babies, agitated, in pain, showing feeding, sleeping or motor coordination difficulties. Support is provided through a combination of craniosacral therapy, nutritional advice for the infant and/or lactating mother, physical exercises and parental support. Check out my blog on colicky babies.

For women going through the sensitive periods of conception, pregnancy and beyond, support is provided through craniosacral therapy, personalised nutritional advice tailored to the pregnancy stages, lactation or postpartum circumstances, relaxation techniques and mindfulness.

Check out my Optimum Health Baby and Mum plan for more detail.

Body Mind balance

You are suffering from on-going physical restrictions or unresolved health issues. Hands-on craniosacral therapy works with the vagus nerve to help normalise the stress response and stimulate digestion, repair, relaxation and pain relief. It is a compelling stand-alone therapy or can effectively complement other treatments.

Its positive effects on the nervous system are felt almost immediately and hence, it is suitable for those suffering from anxiety, stress-related issues or trauma.

Check out my Optimum Health Craniosacral therapy plan for more detail.


  • 1. BOOK

    Book your appointment here. You cannot book same day appointments so plan ahead. Refer to terms & conditions for payments and cancellations. 


    Complete a health questionnaire and consent form (see below) and send them back to me at at least 24hr prior to the consultation.


    Allow 90 minutes. Info gathering session using the health questionnaire and functional medicine tools to understand 'your story'. We will establish your goals and agree on a practical, achievable strategy. Functional lab testing and/or supplementation may be appropriate. 


    Receive by email your HOP within 24hrs. It will lay out a strategy to achieve your goals, including tailored dietary advice, recipes, menu planning, lifestyle advice and tools to keep you motivated and focused. Supplementation and/or lab testing may be required at times.


    Follow-up consultations will add to your initial HOP and several sessions may be needed to achieve long lasting changes. In-between sessions clarifications relating to diet/foods or supplementation are welcomed via email.  

Testing labs and supplement companies I work in partnership with

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