Personalised Consultations

Clinic operating guidelines

I am delighted to keep offering my services during these uncertain times, both online and in clinic. If you choose to come to the clinic, I kindly ask for your cooperation to abide to clinic operating procedures and guidelines. Appointments need to be booked beforehand and a health and safety form must be signed in.

I offer different levels of support to meet everyone’s needs:

Optimum Gut Health Embrace

some aspects of your health have deteriorated and you want to ‘get back to normal’. My most popular with people looking to achieve:

  • Gastro-intestinal wellness - to get you to enjoy food again, symptom-free.
  • Hormonal wellness – to support you through transitions, i.e. fertility, pregnancy, menopause and weight management
  • Stress & vitality wellness – to go back to an active, positive, contented life.

Support given through personalised nutrition, craniosacral-based stress reduction and motivational support to help you achieve long lasting results. 3 consultations over 3 months.

Optimum Gut Health Restore

your health is definitively out of balance and you feel that you are ‘managing’ rather than resolving your issues. You need more than just a change of diet. You need a comprehensive plan to create the right conditions to restore gut function and balance. The Optimum Gut Health Embrace combines the best of bodymind medicine, i.e. nutritional support, microbiome restoration, craniosacral work for gut-brain integration. Best suited to those suffering from chronic health issues like IBS, SIBO, IBD, UC, chronic pain, constipation, diarrhoea, food sensitivities, auto-immunity, anxiety or insomnia. 5 consultations over 6 months.

Optimum Health Baby and Mum

newborns up to one year of age and women during pregnancy and post-partum. Distressed babies, agitated, in pain, showing feeding, sleeping or motor coordination difficulties. Support is provided through a combination of craniosacral therapy, nutrition, home routine, body exercises and parental advice. Women's support through physical and hormonal changes. Craniosacral therapy and body work, nutritional advice and mindfulness. 3 consultations over 6 weeks.

Optimum Health Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy only. 3 consultations over 6 weeks.


  • 1. BOOK

    Book your appointment through this website. You cannot book same day appointments so plan ahead. Refer to terms & conditions for payments and cancellations.


    Complete a health questionnaire and consent form (see below) and send them back to me at at least 24hr prior to the consultation.


    Info gathering session using the health questionnaire and functional medicine tools to understand 'your story'. We will establish your goals and agree on a practical, achievable strategy. Functional lab testing and/or supplementation may be appropriate. Allow for 1.5 hours.


    Receive by email your HOP within 24hrs. It will lay out a strategy to achieve your goals, including tailored dietary advice, recipes, menu planning, lifestyle advice and tools to keep you motivated and focused. Supplementation and/or lab testing may be required at times.


    Follow-up consultations will tweak and add to your initial HOP and several sessions may be needed to achieve long lasting changes. In-between sessions clarifications via email are welcome at any point. However, it is not possible for me to manage your health needs through email or text messaging. 

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