Looks at optimising and restoring health through diet and lifestyle changes. Following the principles of Functional Medicine, I:

  1. search for the root causes of health imbalances and not just the symptoms.
  2. look at each person’s unique story including health history, diet, functional imbalances and life circumstances.
  3. create personalised health plan with targeted diets and lifestyle advice. My ultimate aim is to build confidence and motivation to bring lasting results.

Who is this for? As as nutritionist, I tend to look at diet and gut health, i.e. digestion and absorption of nutrients, quality of diet, nutritional deficiencies and gut function. However, many conditions start in the gut and I find optimising digestive health benefits anyone with hormonal imbalances, i.e. PMS, acne, menopause, endometriosis, PCOs, weight gain, fertility and/or stress-related disorders, i.e. anxiety, insomnia, headaches, tinnitus or low immunity.


  • 1. BOOK

    Book all your appointments through this website. I don’t take apt request via email or text. You cannot book same day appointments so plan ahead. For payments and cancellation policy, refer to terms & conditions in my consent form.


    Complete a health questionnaire and food diary which are downloadable from this website and send them back to me at at least 24hr prior to the consultation.


    Info gathering session (allow for 1.5hrs) using functional medicine tools to understand how your case history, diet and lifestyle may have contributed to your current state of health. We will establish your goals and agree on a practical, achievable strategy. Functional lab testing may be appropriate to assess specific nutritional needs. These may involve comprehensive stool analysis, nutrient status, food sensitivities and hormonal panels.


    Receive by email your HOP within 24hrs. This will lay out the strategy including tailored dietary advice, recipes, menu planning, nutrient charts, food groups, lifestyle recommendations and tools to keep you motivated and focused. I believe in the power of food as a medicine however supplementation may be required at times. My focus is on food first and that you enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods and tasty ways to eat them.


    It is up to you to decide what type of support you require. As a minimum, a follow-up consultation (1h long) is recommended to assess progress and see what is working and what is not. Your HOP may be tweaked then to help you meet your health goals. Clarifications regarding your HOP are welcome at any point. However, it is not possible for me to manage your health needs through email or text messaging. Continuous support in the form of several sessions may be needed in order to make long-lasting changes.

Belén has a great knowledge of women's health the natural way and I fully recommend her to women having hormonal issues. She took a full history and ran a private lab test. Then suggested some foods and supplements. So powerful. A month later I can already feel the benefits.


I booked Belen for craniosacral therapy for my little one only 2-weeks old. Belen had a brilliant approach and by observing and listening to mother and son she gave recommendations for baby and mother that really worked. My little one and I improved significantly. She has an amazing way with babies! And by just talking to Belén, she detected small things about me where she could help me with her knowledge for a better well being physically & mentally...I feel better and baby is doing great now!

Marisa Pinheiro

I brought my one-year-old to Belén with some digestive and subsequent sleep issues on the recommendation of a friend. I found her so personable and gentle. She instantly put me and my little girl at ease. She was so comfortable with Belén and happy to let her work with her. It was a very relaxed setting and with plenty of baby-friendly props. The results were instantaneous. We went for a couple of follow-up sessions and I am delighted with the results. I will definitely return to Belén in the future should anything arise.

Aiveen M

Belén is an exceptional craniosacral therapist. She took her time with me- no rush, listened and was observant. During the consultation, she made me feel at ease and always making sure I was okay. Afterward, I felt great! She gave me recommendations which am currently following and e-mailed me too.

Maria Pinheiro

I went to Belén as my newborn was suffering with wind problems. From the moment I met Belén I was at ease... She is fantastic highly recommend her, very gentle approach... and so relaxing. My son has improved a great deal thanks to Belén.

Sinead Brady


Hands-on therapy that aims at releasing any restrictions on the skull, neck, shoulders or pelvis to free the movement of the joints and nervous system.

It has a positive effect on the nervous system, promoting body and brain integration and a sense of wellbeing.

Wonderful body therapy for women of all ages, including pre and post pregnancy, children and infants.

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Make simple, healthy meals for your family!

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