Menopause: what can I do naturally?

Did you know that menopause can last up to 10 years? Sadly, its importance and manifestations have been under-rated and overlooked except for some intriguing events called ‘hot flushes’. But menopause is about much more than that.

Meno…PAUSE as I see it:

  1. It is a natural TRANSITION from the dynamic and fertile mothering stage to a CALMER, midlife stage when children become more independent and start leaving home. This correlates with a HORMONAL SHIFT where the active and overpowering oestrogen (E2 oestradiol) gives way to a milder, less active form (E1 oestrone).
  2. There is NO CLEAR START (like our first menstruation or the conception of a baby). Early signs can happen at 35-45 years old in what is called the PERI-MENOPAUSE, and develop into full MENOPAUSE circa 50 -55 years old. Typically early signs are overlooked. They may show as heavy periods, exhaustion or less tolerance to stress and are often met with confusion and disregard for the underlying hormonal changes.
  3. Changing hormones can produce a number of SYMPTOMS which can evolve over time and develop into SUB-SYMPTOMS. For example, dry skin is an over-arching symptom of dropping levels of oestrogen which can then affect the hair, eyes, nails or lubrication of the vagina. For every woman there is a different journey. In fact, for a lot of women it is not the hot flushes but the weight gain, anxiety or insomnia that kicks in.
  4. THERE IS A LOT THAT YOU CAN DO to support your body make this transition. First of all, address the 4 pillars of hormonal health: NUTRITION, EXERCISE, SLEEP and STRESS. What we eat, how much we move, sleep and deal with our stressors determine whether the symptoms of transitioning take a milder or more severe form.

To help women gracefully sail through this transformative period, I offer personalised support through nutrition, specialised hormonal testing and hands-on craniosacral therapy. During your sessions with me you will understand your symptoms, how your hormones are behaving and what to do about it, the role of your gut microbiota, which foods are suitable, targeted natural remedies for hormonal balance as well as a number of strategies to help you cope with stress.

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