Hello, my name is Belén and I am passionate about gut health. The gut is much more than a place where we absorb nutrients or get rid of waste. It has such an influence on how we function and feel. This is because of the crosstalk between gut and brain.


This crosstalk actually happens between the microbiome, the gut flora responsible for digestion, defence and hormonal health and the vagus nerve, the nerve that tells your body to chill out and digest. When this crosstalk is interrupted because of stress or poor diet, you are set on the path of health decline and eventually, disease.


Fortunately, I am trained in two emerging health modalities, nutrition and craniosacral therapy that understand about gut, brain and how to keep the communication going….


With a broader perception of health and disease, I am able to employ multiple strategies and techniques to help struggling clients breakthrough and thrive.

My approach

This is how I meet you 'where you are' and guide you back to optimum health.


How does this look in practice? Let me give you a few examples:

Case study:

a 35 years old woman suffering from insomnia, mood swings, afternoon slump, sugar and caffeine cravings and hair loss.

Possible underlying drivers: diet and stress levels (work/life balance).

Optimum Health Plan: Hormonal balancing diet and targeted nutrients, sleep hygiene, craniosacral-based stress relief.

Case study:

a 4 weeks old breastfed baby with colic, excessive crying, agitated since birth. Birth was long, developed bilirubin, stayed in intensive care for a few days.

Possible underlying driver: traumatic birth.

Optimum Health Plan:

Craniosacral therapy to help overcome birth trauma, release compression and increase the relaxation response, abdominal stretching exercises, nutritional advice for mum, a soothing remedy for baby, parental advice on how to cope with a crying baby.

Case study:

a woman diagnosed with IBS in her 40s, taking some medication but wanting to manage her symptoms through food and diet. Remembers having had a stomach bug recently, there is bloating, reflux and has started noticing irregularities in her cycle.

Possible underlying driver: dysbiosis (microbiota imbalance).

Optimum Health Plan:

stool testing to rule out potential harmful bacteria, therapeutic diet to restore and balance her gut flora, craniosacral abdominal relief (restore flow and balance in the abdominal area).

Do you want to...

Improve your health naturally?

Be health pro-active rather than dependant on a prescription or pill?

Are you tired of following general dietary or lifestyle advice that is not yielding results?

Discover the root causes so that you can take charge of your health?

Get rid of your symptoms by embracing health-promoting dietary and lifestyle choices?

Learn how to support a healthy stress response?

Finally get recommendations that are right for you, that fit your physiology, goals and lifestyle?

Welcome to my world.

Why work with me?

Because I have tried and tested everything I preach and do. I have gone and recovered from exhaustion, chronic gut issues, recurrent infections, post-pregnancy back and hip pain and menopausal symptoms…using the tools and advice that I would use with you. Brief, I get it, I have tried it and it has worked.

Because I am curious, intuitive and love connecting the dots to provide personal and integrative solutions.

Because I am a busy woman just like you, navigating through work and family balance.

Because I have the qualifications and experience; e.g. in practise for 9 years, holding diplomas in nutritional therapy, craniosacral therapy and kinesiology (that is 7 years of studies!). But not the end of training as I am currently enrolled in a MSc in personalised nutrition.


Know Your Gut!!

Your gut holds the key to good health. Fill in this short questionnaire to discover your digestive tendency or ‘phenotype’. Find out if your issues are related to the upper or lower gut.