Optimum Health Plans

Different levels of support to suit everyone’s needs.


Optimum Health Essential


Recommended: adults and children. Basic nutritional advice to make your diet healthier and put into practice sound eating habits, smart cooking strategies and tasty recipe ideas. Choose between a one-to-one nutrition consultation OR personalised cookery class. Alternatively, you can book here as a one-off trial consultation before booking the Optimum Health Embrace or Restore plans.

What’s included
  • 90 minutes nutritional consultation.
  • Pre-consultation: evaluation of current diet, nutrient requirements and optimal nutrient intake.
  • Take home: Optimum Health Plan, including dietary recommendations with simple but high impact changes, meal planning and recipe ideas.
  • Alternatively, book a 90 minutes personalised cooking class (online only). I will take you through the basics of healthy combinations of foods, use of condiments and recipes ideas. You will watch me cook 3 light dishes and 3 main ones. 

Optimum Health Embrace


Recommended: adults and children. Some aspects of your health have deteriorated and you want to get 'back to normal'. Most popular with people looking to get their gut, hormones or vitality levels back to 'their healthy best'. Support given through nutrition, craniosacral-based stress relief and motivational support. 3 consultations over 3 months.

What’s included
  • 90 minutes consultation.
  • Pre-consultation: assessment of health status, available lab tests, nutrient intake and diet, physical mobility or restrictions and stress load.
  • Take home: Optimum Health plan, including a personalised diet with tailored recipes, recommendations for physical strength and release, stress managing techniques, motivational tips and goals.
  • Add-on: functional laboratory testing.
  • Follow-up: 2 x 60 minutes consultations.
  • Ongoing support via email over 3 months.
  • Handouts with additional nutritional, physical therapy or healthy lifestyle information.

Optimum health Baby and Mum


Recommended: newborns to up to one year of age and women during pregnancy and post-partum. Distressed babies, agitated, in pain, showing feeding, sleeping or motor coordination difficulties. Support is provided through a combination of craniosacral therapy, nutrition, home routine, body exercises and parental advice. Women's support through physical and hormonal changes. Craniosacral therapy and body work, nutritional advice and mindfulness. 3 consultations over 6 weeks.

What’s included
  • 3 x 60 minutes consultations.
  • Take home: detailed report with recommendations, parental advice, home routine, exercises, nutrition advice, mindfulness techniques.
  • Ongoing support via email over 6 weeks.
  • Handouts with home exercises, lifestyle or any other relevant information.

Optimum Health RESTORE


Recommended: adults and children. Health is definitively out of balance and you feel that you are ‘managing’ rather than resolving your issues. This plan combines the best of bodymind medicine, i.e. nutritional restoration, physical optimisation and emotional wellbeing. Best suited for people suffering from chronic conditions such as IBS, SIBO, IBD, bloating, chronic pain, endometriosis, PCOs, eczema, auto-immune disease, anxiety or insomnia. 5 consultations over 6 months.

What’s included
  • 90 minutes initial consultation.
  • Pre-consultation: assessment of current state of health, diet, toxic load, available lab tests, body structure assessment, stress load and lifestyle.
  • Take home: Optimum Health Restore plan, including a therapeutic diet, body repair exercises, habit and behaviour change plan and stress resiliance building techniques.
  • In-between: functional testing including stool test and microbiome analysis, testing for nutrient status, stress biomarkers, allergy/intolerance and others (lab prices are add-on).
  • Follow-up: 4 x 60 minutes consultations.
  • Add-on: 30 minutes manual therapy to release abdominal adhesions and increase tissue/organ mobility (extra 50euro).
  • Add-on: 30 minutes mindfulness practice (extra 50euro).
  • Ongoing support via email over 6 months.
  • Handouts with additional nutritional, physical release or other relevant information.