Different levels of support to suit everyone’s needs.

Gut health

Optimum Health Gut Embrace

€260 (1x90min session +2x60min sessions)

Recommended: adults and children.

Some aspects of your health have deteriorated and you are 'managing rather than resolving'. Most popular with people looking to get their gut, hormones or vitality levels back to normal.

Also suited for people suffering from chronic conditions such as IBS, SIBO, bloating, chronic pain, eczema, auto-immunity, anxiety or insomnia.

Support given through personalised nutritional advice targeting gut and microbiome restoration and craniosacral therapy to build stress resilience and optimise gut function.

3 consultations over 3 months. In-clinic or remote.


Optimum health Baby and Mum

€230 (3 x60 minute sessions)

Recommended: Babies, toddlers and women during pregnancy and post-partum.

Suitable to distressed babies/toddlers, agitated, colicky, showing feeding, sleeping or motor coordination difficulties.

Support given through a combination of gentle craniosacral therapy, personalised nutritional advice for baby and mum, take-home exercises, parental advice and mother and child mindfulness.

Pre and perinatal support for women through craniosacral therapy, personalised nutritional advice and mindfulness.

3 consultations over 6 weeks. In clinic only.

Craniosacral therapy

Optimum health Craniosacral Therapy

€230 (3x60 minute sessions)


Recommended: adults and children.

Hands-on therapy that encourages communication, flow and integration between all body parts. Craniosacral therapy works with the vagus nerve to help normalise the stress response and stimulate digestion, repair, relaxation and pain relief. An essential complement to nutritional advice for anyone suffering from gut-related complaints.

Its positive effects on the nervous system are felt almost immediately and hence, it is also recommended for those suffering from anxiety, depression or trauma.

3 consultations over 6 weeks. In clinic only.

One-off Options

One-off Craniosacral therapy

€90 (1x60 minute session)

Recommended as a one-off craniosacral therapy session or a follow-up to the Optimum Health Craniosacral therapy or Optimum Health Baby and Mum plans. In clinic only.

Nutrition one-off

€120 (1x60 minute session)

A one-off consultation. Please check the Optimum Health Gut Embrace plan, your essential nutritional work with me for a pack of 3 sessions. In-clinic or remote.