Optimum Health Plans

Different levels of support to suit everyone’s needs.


Optimum Gut Health RESTORE


Recommended: adults and children. Health is definitively out of balance and you feel that you are ‘managing’ rather than resolving your issues. This plan combines the best of bodymind medicine, i.e. nutritional optimisation, microbiome restoration and craniosacral work for gut-brain integration. Best suited for people suffering from chronic conditions such as IBS, SIBO, IBD, gastritis, bloating, chronic pain, endometriosis, PCOs, eczema, auto-immune disease, anxiety or insomnia. 5 consultations over 6 months. In-clinic or remote.


Optimum Gut Health Embrace


Recommended: adults and children. Some aspects of your health have deteriorated and you want to get 'back to normal'. Most popular with people looking to get their gut, hormones or vitality levels back to 'their healthy best'. Support given through nutrition, craniosacral-based stress reduction and behavioural change support for lasting results. 3 consultations over 3 months. In-clinic or remote.


Optimum health Baby and Mum


Recommended: Babies, toddlers, children and women during pregnancy and post-partum. Most popular plan for distressed babies/toddlers, agitated, colicky, showing feeding, sleeping or motor coordination difficulties. Support is provided through a combination of craniosacral therapy, personalised nutritional advice, take-home exercises, parental advice and mother&child mindfulness. Pre and perinatal support for women through craniosacral therapy, nutritional advice and mindfulness. 3 consultations over 6 weeks. In clinic only.

Craniosacral therapy

Optimum health Craniosacral Therapy


Recommended: bundle of 3 craniosacral consultations only over 6 weeks. In clinic only.