women yoga nutrition retreat 2020

Comares, Malaga / 30 May - 5 June 2020


  • Daily Yoga flow, Meditation and Yoga Nidra by Grainne O’Malley, qualified Yoga Alliance instructor
  • Daily Nutrition and Healthy Cooking classes by Belén Vázquez, qualified Nutritional Therapist
  • 3 Vegetarian meals prepared with locally grown organic foods
  • Calm country house accommodation with beautiful natural surroundings
  • Small group of 8 to encourage personal attention
  • Free time, mountain walks, day excursion to the local beach
  • Airport transfer included


One-of-a-kind retreat that combines the benefits of daily yoga and meditation with the power of good nutrition and food for women’s health.

Our 7 day/6 night programme comprises a total of 10 yoga and meditation sessions, 5 nutrition and healthy cooking classes plus daily vegetarian meals so that when you go home you feel healthier, centred, motivated and armed with a new range of tools to face daily life.


The morning Yoga Flow class is on flowing movements coordinated with the breath. Grainne will remind you to bring your awareness back to the breath which will allow you to go deeper into the experience as one ‘allows and let’s go’ rather than getting caught up in thoughts or with over-exertion. The evening Yoga Nidra class is a more gentle restorative yoga to encourage deep relaxation. Additionally, guided meditations are a lovely way to let go and be guided by Grainne’s soothing voice and to enter a very deep relaxing state of awareness.

Participants will attend daily (2hr long) Nutrition and Healthy Cooking classes where they will be involved in food preparation, cooking and tasting. Recipes will feature feel-good foods for women and discover the secret of balanced meals including healthy fats, carbs and snacks.

The aim is to spark creativity and motivation to make healthy choices and cook delicious meals long after the retreat.


All-inclusive retreat, including group airport transfer, yoga and meditation classes and nutritional workshops plus all 3 main meals and snacks.

There will be one free day where participants can opt for joining a group excursion to the nearby beach and town of Torre del Mar or just relax and chill in the Casa. On the free day, only breakfast will be served.

Option for private one-to-one nutrition consultations and craniosacral therapy with Belén.

Who is this for?

Yoga beginners or experienced with an interest in food, health and wellness. We offer relaxation, nurture, delicious healthy food, a mild climate and the support of two experienced complementary health practitioners. All in place to facilitate your personal self-care journey. Please note that it is not the right place for seeking medical or psychological advice or support.



Casa Santosha is a dedicated yoga and wellness retreat centre located just outside the village of Comares.  Comares is a tranquil white-washed village with spectacular views of the Andalusian mountains and coast. Located at 60km (1hr drive) from Malaga airport, Casa (means ‘house’ in Spanish) and Santosha (means ‘contentment’ in Sanskrit) offers the ideal setting for anyone seeking peaceful time and inner nourishment.


Day 1Programme
EveningAirport transfer collection to Casa Santosha
Day 2-5Programme
8 -10Breathwork (Pranayama) and Yoga Flow class
10 – 11Breakfast
Free timeNature walk, chill out
13 – 14Lunch
15 – 17Nutrition & Healthy cooking class
19 – 20Dinner
20 –21Yoga Nidra and Meditation
Day 3Programme
Free DayOptional trip to the local beach Lunch and dinner NOT INCLUDED
Day 7 - DepartureProgramme
8 – 10Breathwork (Pranayama) and Yoga Flow class
10 – 11Breakfast
Airport TransferAirport transfer drop off


All meals are vegetarian, featuring seasonal locally grown vegetables, wholegrains, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, dairy and eggs. Some meals will be jointly prepared during the daily healthy cooking classes.


We will serve local fruits, seeds, nuts, breads, oats, dairy and non-dairy milks, cheeses, eggs, butter, jams, honey, nut spreads, vegetable spreads and a selection of teas and coffee.


Consisting of 3 dishes plus a dessert. A selection of 2 salads or cold entries plus a main dish featuring wholegrains, legumes and vegetables, i.e. vegetable lasagne, quinoa and roasted vegetables, veg quiches and pies.


A light lunch consisting of large leaf salads with vegetables, cold soups, fresh herbs, roasted vegetables, cheeses, dried fruits, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, a selection of crackers and breads.


A selection of teas, fruits and light snacks will be available all the time so no-one goes hungry in between meals. Additionally, fresh juices and smoothies will be made throughout the day.

Other activities

Casa Santosha is on the outskirts of Comares village, just 2km away (40 minutes walking distance).

  • Country walk – enjoy the natural beauty of the Andalusian country side.
  • Village walk – visit Comares for its culture and small selection of shops and restaurants.
  • Chilling at the retreat- with a selection of books and DVDs or just relax under the shade of an olive tree.
  • Nutritional consultations with Belén- optimise your diet and learn how to support your health with foods!
  • Craniosacral therapy with Belén- hands-on therapy to release restrictions and destress.
  • Zip line in Comares - Spain longest!
  • Trip to the beach and nearby town of Torre del Mar - just 30min drive away.
  • Free massage and aromatherapy workshops.

Accommodation– Shared twin room

Casa Santosha is a converted farm house with 4 twin rooms which can accommodate up to 8 participants. One twin room is located outside the main house and had its own washbasin and toilet. The other 3 twin rooms are in the main house along with 2 shared shower rooms and WC. Talk to us if sharing is an issue. Optional pull out beds can be arranged in other areas.

Facilities include:

  • Roof terrace for the morning yoga flow class and an indoor studio for the evening yoga nidra and meditation class
  • Outside and inside dining area
  • Quiet places to rest/read inside and outside in the shade or sunshine, overlooking the beautiful surroundings

Flight arrangements

There will only be ONE airport transfer collection and drop off. Participants coming from Ireland (either from Shannon or Dublin) are encouraged to book the evening flight on Saturday 30 May and evening return on Friday 5 June. Participants flying from other countries, please get in touch before booking your flights.

There will only be ONE airport transfer collection and drop off. Participants coming from Ireland (either from Shannon or Dublin) are encouraged to book the evening flight on Saturday 30 May and evening return flight on Friday 5 June. 

Meet the Instructors

Grainne O’Malley

Grainne O’Malley

Grainne has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and currently she teaches a number of different styles of yoga including Yoga Flow, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Hot yoga and also Vinyasa yoga. She has always been very interested in the breath and how yoga can be so powerful at transformation on many levels… buy yet to the untrained eye looks so simple from the outside.

Grainne likes to keep her classes varied and versatile so that students are kept on their toes and never know what to expect. She teaches in a way that helps to keep the practitioner’s mind engaged on the ‘here and now’ and this is a very good training and preparation for the mind when it comes to breath focused meditation.

Her teaching is mainly based on flowing movements coordinated with the breath. Grainne will remind you to bring your awareness back to the breath which will allow you to go deeper into the experience as one ‘allows and let’s go’ rather than getting caught up in thoughts or with over-exertion.

Belén Vázquez works with busy women to optimise their health through nutrition and craniosacral therapy. A qualified Nutritional Therapist from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), she also holds a certification in Functional Medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). Belén offers personalized nutritional advice and lifestyle medicine from her clinic in Malahide. She believes in the absolute power of food for health and specializes in women’s gut and hormonal health. Mother of three, she has a passion for creating tasty and nutritious recipes and regularly runs healthy cooking classes. Belén is also a qualified Craniosacral therapist, Kinesiologist and has a certification in Mindfulness. More 👉

Belén Vazquez



€1050 all included. To reserve your place, pay a deposit of €500; the remaining amount must be paid by 31 April 2020. You are free to cancel your booking any time at no incurred costs before 31 April at which point your deposit becomes non-refundable.

Early bird: book before 31 March and get 10%off (= €945 one-off payment). When booking online, please use the code ‘earlybird’ to avail of this offer


Terms: participants fill out an online booking form and pay either a deposit or a discounted amount. Confirmation of payment will be sent by email shortly after the booking along with further instructions. Please note that we are not responsible for booking flights. We reserve the right to cancel the event if there are insufficient numbers and we will reimburse participants the full amount.


Online bookings required. Small group of 8 participants. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.