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Let’s Gut Cooking!

Gut&Me Programme: A 6-week personalised cooking programme and nutritional education for gut health

The Gut&Me programme will be available soon. 

Good Health starts in the gut.

Did you know that lots of people with mild chronic symptoms are not considered "sick enough" to receive attention?

Have you ever been diagnosed with IBS because doctors couldn't pinpoint an exact cause of your pain?

Have your stomach issues left you with no clues, confusing information, and a continuous struggle with food and symptoms?

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Good News!

There is a solution. The Gut&Me Programme was designed to help you restore your gut, and eliminate the gas, bloating, and other irritations you've been struggling with.

Built from my years of experience in nutritional therapy and the love of food and cooking, the Gut&Me Programme is a sustainable and non-restrictive approach to gaining control of your gut health.

My clients have reported many benefits, including better digestion, elimination, healthier-looking skin, a clearer head, and more energy.

The Gut&Me Programme

You will learn/gain

  • what your gut symptoms mean
  • what foods feed and heal your gut
  • how to care for your microbiome
  • how stress affects your gut and what to do about it
  • confidence in your ability to cook and plan gut-friendly meals
  • simple and delicious gut-friendly meal recipes and ideas

EARLY BIRD - book before XX to avail of 15% off (€51 saving, total cost €289). Just type 'early bird' on the booking code.

Launching on XX


  • You suffer from ongoing digestive issues like reflux, bloating, or gas.
  • You want to experience healthy options that are nutritionist-approved, gentle, and safe.
  • You want to break with habits or nagging cravings and introduce a variety of fresh meal ideas.
  • You are suspicious of some foods and looking for sound advice.
  • You are nervous around the kitchen and/or experimenting with new recipe ideas.


  • You're not interested in trying new foods or new ways of preparing your meals.
  • You don't enjoy or have time to cook meals.
  • You're not willing to make simple changes to the way you eat.
  • You have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires the supervision of a medical or nutrition professional.
  • You're not willing to follow the programme as it was designed.

What Does It Include?

✔ 6 weekly live sessions with Belén (each session is 60-min)
✔ Downloadable 30 pages Recipe Book

  • 6 Gut-friendly main meals
  • 11 Gut-friendly lighter meals
  • Shopping list
  • Gut Symptom tracker

✔ (6) 10-minute Cooking videos with Belén
✔ (6) 20-minute Yoga for gut health videos with Grainne

Investment: €340
When you book, you will gain instant access to all the programme's files (Recipe Handbook and 12 videos) as well as a zoom link for all our live sessions.

EARLY BIRD - book before XX to avail of 15% off (€51 saving, total cost €289).
Just type 'early bird' on the booking code.

6 videos and main meal recipes

  • Healthy & tasty vegetarian Shepherd’s pie
  • Gut-soothing Minestrone
  • Fiber-fuelled roasted vegetables and two rice
  • Gut-loving Brussel sprouts poke bowl
  • Gut-comforting butternut squash & creamy cauliflower almond soup
  • Gut-friendly nutritious refried bean, Mexican rice, and sals

6 Healthy and easy breakfasts

  • Almond tahini yogurt (+ red lentil hummus and oat cakes)
  • Blueberry chia pudding (+ overnight porridge)
  • Blueberry almond muffins (+ overnight porridge)
  • Buckwheat feta pancake
  • Omelette with tofu and spinach
  • Overnight porridge

5 Healthy and easy salads

  • Perfect, simple salad
  • Feel-good salad
  • Wholesome salad
  • Crunchy salad
  • Green goodness salad
  • Plus other quick lunch ideas!

Bonus: Yoga Therapy

Stress plays a major role in your body's digestion and gut health.

With that in mind, we've included a bonus of seven 20-minute Yoga for Gut health sessions with Grainne O’Malley!


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