Craniosacral therapy


balancing the nervous system to restore health

A missing piece in most health modalities is the connection between the gut-brain. 

The importance of early life experiences…

How a baby experiences the womb, birth and early days can leave an imprint in his/her nervous and immune system. In other words, these early experiences can shape a baby’s health, personality and behaviour. These patterns can manifest as excessive crying, agitation, sleep disturbances, clinginess, poor digestion and motility, food reactions, tendencies to eczema, allergies or poor immune health. In older children, they can be at the base of emotional and behavioural issues and poor health.


The Science

After stress, trauma or infection, particularly if these have been too strong or lasted for too long, the brain can become ‘stuck’ in a flight or fight response and conditioned to signals, chemicals and foods. This perpetuates the stress response and has whole body implications, i.e. systemic inflammation, damage to the gut microbiome and altered immune system. A cycle that it often hard to break. The good news is that this altered response can be rewireable.

The Solution

Through craniosacral therapy and integrative baby therapy, I use a combination of presence, awareness and touch skills to facilitate the emergence and resolution of patterns of early adversity in order to give your baby and child the best possible start.

Satisfied Parents