I work naturally with children with common and chronic ailments, including baby colic, children's digestive complaints, poor immunity, food reactions and behavioural issues.

Book with me as soon as symptoms appear or if your child’s health issues have been present for a while and you want to get to the root cause of the problem. I see babies from birth and children up to adolescence.

I offer different options to meet different needs. The Baby & Child Transform programmes consist of 3-5 consultations over 3-12 weeks. Learn more about each programme and what to expect here. Once all consultations in a programme are used, additional one-off consultations may be required one a case-by-case basis.

I use natural and nutritional therapies to provide children with a strong and optimal start. My approach is personalised so I use whatever tools are in my toolbox to help you and your child, e.g. nutritional therapy, craniosacral therapy and integrative baby therapy.

Consultations with children, babies include therapy time with the child and parental guidance.

The clinic is child-friendly and I aim to make the child as comfortable as possible. Consultations may be carried out on a mat on the floor, plinth or seated according to the child’s needs.

About 60-minutes for children. Consultation with babies are however, flexible and may run a bit longer as babies may need to be fed or changed.

I can take on clients remotely as long as they come to the clinic at least once during the 3-5 consultations period. This allows me to meet you and your child in person in order to create the best possible plan. Clients living abroad, may need to have their child present during an online consultation.

Book your appointment or a free 15-min discovery call here. Also, feel free to get in touch on 085-8099895.

Most insurance plans cover Nutritional therapy at least partially. Craniosacral therapy is often also covered. Eligibility depends on your individual policy. Hence, you are encouraged to check with your insurance provider. I will be happy to provide receipts accordingly.

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