Nutritional therapy


the foundations of health, mood and behaviour. 

The foundations of health, mood and behaviour.

The importance of nutrition

It is common knowledge that good nutrition is one of the bases for a happy and healthy child. Parents seek a healthy diet for their children but they can feel overwhelmed and stressed about what to eat (foods), when to eat (eating habits) and how to eat (cooking, meal ideas) and when to compromise. There are too many options and contradictory messages which only adds to the confusion.

Nutrition is as much about the choice of foods to add in a child’s diet as the choice of foods/artificial substances to remove that can be damaging his/her health.

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Nutrition Science

The science of personalised nutrition

Nutritional science shows that there is simply not one diet-fits all approach. While one food may be healthy for one child, it may make another child sick.

Each child presents with unique needs (biochemistry, nutritional status), predisposition (genetics, personality) and story (health and stress history).

Personalised nutrition connects symptoms with the needs, predispositions and the child’s story to make strategic nutritional recommendations for optimal health.

The Solution

It is detective work which goes beyond superficially suppressing symptoms but rather taking time to identify and put an end to the root cause of what is making a child unwell. A crucial part of my work is to educate parents around the best nutrition for their children so that they can take charge and support their children with confidence and make informed choices.

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