Baby & Child Services


A Strong Health Foundation for Children
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Children and their families can come to get help with the following:


Baby Colic & Early Days

 Resolve colicky symptoms in a safe, gentle, and effective way.


Gut Health

Get personalized guidance and resources for a healthy tummy.


Behaviour & Mood

Identify underlying causes to improve self-regulation and a healthy brain.


Skin & Lung Health

Discover your child's triggers and how to prevent them.  

My Method

Evidence Based


A blend of cutting-edge science from the world of nutrition, pre and perinatal psychology and craniosacral therapy



Connecting with the child in a more in-depth way so that he/she feels safe, understood and cared for 



Customising guidance to the child’s needs and of his/her family 

Bridging The Gap

Bridging the gap

Between body and mind approaches: not just one therapy at a time, your child gets the best of both 

Setting the expectations right

I am honoured to be working with you and your family. Nothing brings me more joy than knowing that a child’s health is back and thriving!

Working with me over several weeks allows me to get you to know you and your family and support you in a gentle and personal way.

You will be embarking on a journey not just for your child but the whole family. You will be learning so much about your child’s physical and emotional wellness and helpful resources. 

It is my hope that these will also help you be confident and informed about future challenges and choices. 


How to Get Started


I am thrilled to be supporting you and your family on the path to optimal health! Below I detail the process so that you have a clear understanding of what you can expect from me and what is required of you. 

Required forms

Baby and Child packs

I offer different levels of support to fit different needs. The initial work with me consists of 3 sessions over 6-12 weeks. My aim is to get to the root cause and provide long-lasting solutions, which requires continuous support and focus. This offers you the advantage of discounted rates.

Testing Labs And Supplement Companies I Work In Partnership With


Nutritional Therapy

The importance of nutrition….It is common knowledge that good nutrition is the basis for a happy and healthy child.


Craniosacral Therapy

The importance of early life experiences…How a baby experiences the womb, birth and early days can leave an imprint.