These recipes feature plant-based meals for the whole family to inspire you to cook and eat more plant foods. They have been created with nutritional value, tastiness, and family demands in mind.

Blueberry Almond muffins to beat your sweet tooth

These gluten-free delicious muffins are a good way to beat a sweet tooth. The grounded almonds replace the flour content...
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Roasted Sweet potato Hummus

This Roasted Sweet potato Hummus is a variation of the classic hummus. The addition of sweet potato supports the health...
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Protein-rich Nuts and Seeds Balls

Unlike most shop-bought snacks, these protein-rich nuts and seeds balls have NO refined sugars, NO unhealthy oils, NO diary, NO...
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Homemade Probiotic Yogurt

Homemade Probiotic Yogurt This homemade probiotic yogurt is easy to make. It just requires two ingredients and a little bit...
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Omega 3-boosting spread

A super simple, omega 3-boosting spread. Healthy fats are essential for good health. They feed the brain, fight inflammation and...
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Immune-boosting Cabbage salad

This immune-boosting cabbage salad is an old favourite of mine. The unique combination of cabbage and garlic, brings me back...
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Green Easy Brunch

Green Easy Brunch is packed with gut-loving fibre and all the goodness of three green vegetables, beans, eggs and spices....
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Gut-loving Beetroot Hummus

Gut-loving Beetroot Hummus is a healthy twist to a classic hummus recipe with added benefits for gut health. Beetroot contains...
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Best Gut Health noodles

Best gut health noodles Best gut health stock What makes this Best Gut Health noodles so exceptional is a rich...
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Better gut health quiche

Better gut health quiche A tasty recipe made with gut-nourishing ingredients and plenty of fibre. Full of colour and flavour....
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Gut-loving delicious chickpea meal

Gut-loving delicious chickpeas A plant-based recipe that pleases all family members while boosting their gut health. A dish that boosts...
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Festive and gut-friendly loaf

Festive and healthy loaf Festive and gut-friendly nut loaf A festive and tasty dish with plenty of gut-friendly ingredients, i.e....
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