Gut health questionnaire


Know your child’s gut health by its symptoms! The idea behind this questionnaire is to give you an insightful start towards your child’s digestive tendencies. These symptoms and signs are sourced from both research and clinical practice and they are related to gut functionality (digestion, absorption, elimination) and microbiota activity. They are not exhaustive and do not pre-empt the need for further investigation under the care of a health practitioner.

Please score only the items that your child experiences on a scale of 1-4:

  1. My child occasionally experiences this
  2. This problem is chronic but my child/myself are not bothered
  3. This problem is chronic and my child/myself are concerned
  4. This problem is chronic and it has severe effects in my child’s daily functioning
1. Lack of appetite, feeling full after eating small amounts of food
2. Undigested food in the stool. Pale, dark or frothy stools
3. Burping, food sitting in stomach/sensation of fullness
4. Food sensitivities, particularly after eating a food i.e. loose stools, rashes, headaches, cramping
5. Addiction or cravings for specific foods
6. Trouble digesting fatty foods/feeling queasy after a fatty meal
7. Bloating or excessive wind
8. Abdominal pain or bloating with constipation
9. Alternating diarrhoea/constipation
10. Frequent and recurrent infections (colds, yeast infections, bladder or kidney infections, stomach bugs)
11. Regular use of antibiotics
12. C-section and/or bottle-fed child
13. Unusually tired, short attention span or forgetful
14. Unusually moody, irritable or anxious