Baby Colic & Early Days


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Birth up to 6 months

  • Your baby suffers from excessive crying/fussiness
  • In addition, your child is not sleeping, feeding or digesting well
  • You have tried different options without success but you do not seem to be able to bring comfort to your little one
  • The crying/fussy episodes tend to get worse in the evenings and you are going through endless nights of broken sleep which are now affecting you and family dynamics
  • You have been told this is common and it will wear off but your intuition tells you there is something is not right
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How I Work

Belén working with babies

I have developed a unique method that combines:

  • Physical therapy (hands-on craniosacral therapy)
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Pre and perinatal psychology
  • My MSc research project on the effectiveness of maternal diet for colic relief
  • My own clinical experience of +6 years

This blend of approaches helps me to resolve colicky symptoms in a safe, gentle and effective way. There are many factors contributing to crying/fussiness:

  • Unresolved compression of the base of the skull, head and tightness in the body due to birth dynamics which may impact on the nerves responsible for feeding and digestion. This can manifest as difficulties latching, swallowing, sucking, burping, regurgitation, excessive wind and constipation among others.
  • Gut inflammation and an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria can lead to cramping, bloating, reflux-like symptoms, frequent nappy change and/or straining and food reactions including difficulty digesting lactose and/or cow’s milk protein.
  • Strong emotions associated with birth and early days can have negative effects on the baby’s sleep patterns, alertness, ability to soothe and bonding.

Does your baby have colic?

Take this 2-minute assessment to find out and determine the next steps to resolve your baby's fussiness.

What to expect


Before a consultation

Book an appointment, fill out the questionnaire attached to the booking email and return by email at least 24hrs before the first consultation.

The initial work with me consists of 3 sessions over 6 weeks, 3 x 1h sessions,  €276. You save €69 (RRP€345).

Both parents are welcomed. However, bringing siblings to the consultation is not encouraged as it can take away the focus and be a source of distraction. More on how to get started, including forms, fees and terms.

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Baby Pack

During a consultation

Consultations take place on their parents’ arms, floormat or the plinth depending on the stage of development of the baby. On the floormat, I am able to observe and recognise baby language which can provide helpful insights. On the plinth, I am able to show parents helpful exercises.

Building trust and making baby and parents comfortable is key. I approach babies with a caring, non-judgemental attitude and respect their timings, i.e. is it ok to feed or change a baby during a consultation.

Consultations are dynamic. They will be time to answer questions/concerns from the parents, hands-on therapy time with the baby as well as gentle exploration of the birth story as a family.

After a consultation

Personalised recommendations for your baby. They will include:

  • Home exercises to ease restrictions and support digestion
  • If breastfed, maternal dietary recommendations, including key foods to include/avoid as well as suitable replacements.
  • If bottle-fed, recommendations to optimise nutrients
  • Natural remedies and supplements (when needed) to aid with digestion and sleep with detailed instructions on dose and timings.

The above will be reviewed and updated after each consultation so that you can track the changes.

Belén helping mom and baby