Who Am I?

My name is Belén Vazquez and I believe in natural approaches for women & children’s health and wellbeing. Through the years, I have seen it work with my children, myself and my clients. My recipe is simple: a mix of good nutrition through food and supplements, a mindful attitude towards life and parenting, and manual therapy when required.


My Philosophy

As a therapist who is also a mother of 3, I have dealt with many challenges, learnt from mistakes, trained in body and mind modalities, researched and put into practice what I preach. My experience tells me that health issues are generally multifactorial and require a multifactorial approach. Individualised treatments work best.


I abide by the codes of practice of the professional associations I am part of.

Plnat-based family recipes ebook, belencomplementaryhealth

Make simple, healthy meals for your family!

My compilation of 36 delicious and nutritious plant-based recipes will have your family asking for a second helping!

These plant-based meals are packed full of nutrition with simple ingredients and are easy to prepare, even with a busy schedule! 

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Vegetarian MONDAYS- this warm red rice salad went down really well.😋 #redrice is a wholegrain, the kind we should introduce more of because of its nutritional content...but where to buy it? Asked a client recently... well I'm happy to say it's in every supermarket at affordable prices. Sautee with a little coconut oil, add chopped beetroot or any other root veggie, your favourite dressing et voila! For a full recipe check my free ebook (link in bio for instagramers or www.belenoptimumhealth.com) 😉 #belenoptimumhealth #womenretreatmalaga #nutritionaltherapistmalahide ... See MoreSee Less

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