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Autumn pumpkin timbale, Brazil nuts risotto

gut-friendly recipe Autumn pumpkin timbale and Brazil nuts risotto This Winter pumpkin timbale represents an optimal use of seasonal produce and nutritional value. It will closely fulfil your daily fibre requirements while providing you with great values of gut-soothing and immune-booting vitamin A and selenium. 1 Kabocha or Japanese Winter...
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Veg tray meal for gut health

6 vegetable tray recipe Colourful and tasty meal that feeds a family and fuels the gut flora. Nutritionally-balanced and super-easy to make. A healthy family recipe! 1 kg new potato2 cans cannellinni beans2 courgettes2 red peppers4 yellow peppers1 punnet cherry tomatoes1 leek1 bag salad leaves2 tsp ground cumin2 tsp sweet...
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Microbiome friendly veg stew

This delicious plant-based dish can be made in just 3 simple steps. I have adapted the traditional Spanish recipe to add extra nutrition. A vegetarian stew with 6 vegetables that feeds your gut microbes and is a pleasure to eat. Ingredients, Serves 4 2 red peppers2 yellow peppers2 courgettes, diced1...
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